A warm welcome to all readers and bloggers to Amalgamated Minds. Today I have for you some interesting facts in the matter of Mental Health. I am a teen who’s suffering from GAD and social anxiety and panic attacks. I could sum it up to one word -Depressing. As a person who’s still experiencing this, I request you all to please go through all these facts and spread awareness about this issue of Mental Illness as much as you can so that many lives can be saved from those terrible mistakes and actions which could really bring a deep wound throughout life!

  • By 2050, around 152 million people are expected to suffer from some form of dementia mainly in low- and middle-income countries and treatment expenses would be on the increase beyond than what we would imagine!

  • Did you know? Every 40 seconds, a person dies by suicide.

  • In 2019, 68% of the world’s population considered climate change to be a major threat as the unpredictable calamities and ruins of our mother earth takes millions of years to restore it’s beauty.

  • Nearly 1 billion people live with a mental disorder as of 2021 under the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • As developed by dieticians, the Washoku Japanese diet may lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 36%. 

  • Half of the teens, starting from age 14, suffer from mental health resulting in early ageing.

  • Have you ever heard of the term ‘eco-anxiety’? I haven’t and when I found out about it, I became literally shocked to find out that the above fact causes this! The world’s population is severely affected as time passes by.Covid-19 has caused many cases of insomnia, anxiety and neurological disorders which negatively contribute to a wide variety of mental illnesses.

  • It was found that social media increased 13% of people’s loneliness. However, the best solution to curb loneliness is to reduce the amount of screen time and replacing the time by interacting with your loved ones.

Happy Reading and A Good Day To You:)

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