Constructing A Non-Toxic Tech-Chain ~CYBER SECURITY

Hey bloggers! How are you? I’ve not been posting lately ’cause I am busy with my hs studies and exams. I’m so thankful to God for this time amidst these busy days, so that I can blog about various topics to create a sense of ‘alertness through awareness’.

In today’s digital world, we use the Internet for almost everything. Google- the world’s search engine ,Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Steam, Zoom and billions and trillions of apps worldwide are being popularly used every now and then. In other words, Virtuality is taking the trend to a whole new level while there are many ‘uncovered’ bullying through electronic techniques and gadgets. Cyberbullying is the term used and from the word ‘Cyber’, meaning electronic and the word ‘Bullying’, using bad words and actions (indicating insecurity, jealously and lack of self-control) to put down others, we get the message that this needs to be stopped so that trillions of human population can be safe and comfortable,in the sense that, receiving a feeling of security while using the Internet for various purposes!

Did u know that Cybercrime is increasing every minute? According to the TitanFile, Cybercrime is up to 600% in 2021! Shocking isn’t it? 94% of malware is delivered via email. More than half a million Zoom user accounts were hacked and threatened into compromises while 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses worldwide! Another distrubing news is that on an average, only 5% of companies folders are properly protected. Can you believe that?

Credits to TitanFile for providing this huge information. You can click this link for more updates regarding Cyber Security 👇👇👇

Every human would be severely wounded by coldness. Coldness that goes beyond your boundaries. One that causes mental burden is one who’s not a human with a heart. Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness, Bad Thoughts and Actions, Low Self-Love and Self-Esteem, feelings of doubt, fear and insecurity and not standing up for yourself. This is what degrades mental health piece by piece until it’s no more!

Are we going to muster up courage to take up the responsibility of protecting those precious lives? Being safe and secure by using a strong password(which you can remember), thinking before posting, avoiding unwanted messages and the many prevention educating  educating ourselves as well as educating to people we know are some of the numerous steps to prevent cyberbullying.

Above all, be alert and spread the awareness as much as you can. It makes a huge upshot to this world and it’s inhabitants. Stay Safe and I hope this post’s short ‘nd interesting. Happy Reading:)

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