A blissful welcome to all voracious readers! How’s everything going on for you all over there? Hope everything’s fine and to all viewers and followers–Thanks a ton! However, I’m extremely sorry to inform you that I won’t be posting inspirational bits as well as book reviews. However, I would be posting awareness blogs every week! I’ve been experimenting with my site and I’ve found out it to be so cool to try and check new and awesome options! I’m sure that you had a fun time too! There’s more to WordPress than I’d expected…

Today’s topic is about the dicey schemes which takes behind the scenes of those specious appearances that seems too natural to be one of nature’s kind, isn’t it? Yes, indeed it is and that’s ‘Adulteration‘..

Adulteration,from what I understand, is something that mostly shopkeepers or sellers take advantage of in the sense that the originality is completely ripped off because of the numerous amount of chemicals, which I would rather say, ‘poisonous’. It’s mostly like ‘covering’ an eatable or any other substance with a pleasing new look that’s not at all edible or ‘useful’.

As of the FSSAI annual report of 2018-19, nearly 28 percent of the food samples tested for quality were found to be adulterated and according to the National Capital, 485 samples were found to be adulterated out of the 2461 samples collected. That’s a huge amount which can initiate fraud and malpractices! Let’s pre-empt it to the fullest before it gets worse!

The effects are in fact, never ending. It just doesn’t end in words, it ends in actions. Here are some of the troubling impacts though.. Allergents in foods, many fatal diseases such as liver disorder, cancer,dysentery,etc and Addition of unwanted substances which removes the nutrients out of the substance. An imitation results in impurity. This is hazardous for our health and hence we should be cautious every time!

Did you know? Cobalt is added to water for decolourisation which leads to colic, vomiting and diarrhea! (I came to know this through Quora)

Every problem has a solution. Of course, we can follow these steps for our own safety. Buying only trusted and local products, double-checking before buying any stuff,Purifying water through boiling before use and Selecting the Right Choice keeps us secure from falling into the misleading traps/schemes.

Nowadays, it’s what people are deceived of and the reason why numerous amount of consumers are being fooled is because they’re lacking the awareness about adulteration and it’s effects. It’s our responsibility to spread awareness. It’s right in front of us and we just need to spread it out as much as we can. These frauds and malpractices should be stopped ASAP! Are you willing to spread the word? Have a lovely day and Happy Reading:)

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