Hey readers! How are you all doing? Stay tuned and hope this post’s interesting for you to be aware of..

Climate change is the most common environmental issue which we’ve all experienced. Whether you’re in a cool country or a heating desert, there will always be a change in climate one way or the other, but when the shift becomes intense, the whole humanity will suffer!

I’d added up the desolating effects of Climate Change and it’s here👇..

Fossils fuels burnt. Poisonous gases released. The amount of Carbon Dioxide rising. Greenhouse effect. Global Warming. More than 55°C recorded heat around the world. Drought. Famine. Wildfires. Imbalance in Ecosystem. Death of plants and birds. Melting icelands and glaciers. Poverty. Heat stroke and Skin Cancer. Circulating  Epidemic. After the hottest months, heavy rainfall. Flood. All in one crisis. Hypothermia. Dry skin problems. Heart disease. Noxious effect on plantlife. Expanding Migration. Hail storm. Allergies, cold and Flu. Obesity. Global warming in the Polar regions.

We really need to prevent this. Don’t we? Here are some solutions..👇

Spread awareness as much as possible so that more people=a large positive impact + a swift change in nature. Reduce mining, combustion, plastic and the excess use of Vehicles and consumption. Avoiding water and food wastes. Changing on to renewable and less-energy source of energies. Promote Greenery by planting herbs,plants and trees, sowing seeds, etc. Follow the three Rs-Reduce,Reuse and Recycle. Consume less meat and more vegan-based foods. Do these and you’ll see the transformation that you’ve created!

Let’s save our dear planet from these void outcomes. Mankind has caused climate change. Man has to be mindful of his actions. This is the lesson learnt and let’s replace this change with a positive one by following the preventive steps in order to stop the growth of these fatal and menacing exploitations which really puts everything in jeopardy. Having an aware mind and sharing it to others means that you’re on a whole new level of contributing to the wellness and restoration of Mother Earth’s originality and beauty! Stay Safe  and Happy Reading:)

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